Crisis loan

Hi all The person I delt with on the crisis loan team must be the biggest, less understanding waste of space I have ever delt with, I hope you do not have the need to deal with this person. Currently I walk, not very far or quickly, as I am going through a relapse. I rang for a loan at 14.00 yesterday, to be told I had missed the 15.00 cutt off for payment into y account, I had been on hold and trying to get through for 45 min, the rest of the time was justifying my need. I was then told they w old award £140 and I had to. Ollect from the job centre, (4 miles away). I told them I could not get there, but if I wanted cashi had to. Got ready & put shoes on, fell over, game over. Rang local office and old them my predicament, they told me to ring today, I did so, my details where taken then they old ring me back. Fair play they rang me back, told me I till had to go, despite being told they could pay in my acct. I explained I was on own at min(wife and kids Bach tonite, bit of break-spa day) I was then was told i wanted too much. Spidery sensed going-tingling all over, can’t kep cle eeeer head They then didn’t hang up properly and opulent use phone Told I got to go his, rin &ride taking mem I was told can’t you get them to take you, I then have to go post office 1/2’ mile away I sed I don’t kow how long in hospital could be 3 or 4 hrs Mike (sorry for spelling or flow, writing as thinking)