Crisis loan

Hi all The person I delt with on the crisis loan team must be the biggest, less understanding waste of space I have ever delt with, I hope you do not have the need to deal with this person. Currently I walk, not very far or quickly, as I am going through a relapse. I rang for a loan at 14.00 yesterday, to be told I had missed the 15.00 cutt off for payment into y account, I had been on hold and trying to get through for 45 min, the rest of the time was justifying my need. I was then told they w old award £140 and I had to. Ollect from the job centre, (4 miles away). I told them I could not get there, but if I wanted cashi had to. Got ready & put shoes on, fell over, game over. Rang local office and old them my predicament, they told me to ring today, I did so, my details where taken then they old ring me back. Fair play they rang me back, told me I till had to go, despite being told they could pay in my acct. I explained I was on own at min(wife and kids Bach tonite, bit of break-spa day) I was then was told i wanted too much. Spidery sensed going-tingling all over, can’t kep cle eeeer head They then didn’t hang up properly and opulent use phone Told I got to go his, rin &ride taking mem I was told can’t you get them to take you, I then have to go post office 1/2’ mile away I sed I don’t kow how long in hospital could be 3 or 4 hrs Mike (sorry for spelling or flow, writing as thinking)

Sorry posted wrong bit, couldn’t think and frustrated Mike

Aww bless you Mike!

this makes me soooooo effin mad!!! You don’t need all this cr_p on top of what you are dealing with!!!

Wish I could help but all I can offer is support!!! xxxjenxxx

Thanks I am still trying to sort, just wait for the DLA “fight” Mike x

Hi Mike I wish you well, and hope that you get your crisis loan…what a perfomance!

I have received my DLA application form today…gonna take a look later and hopefully fill it in the wkend…


I claimed DLA after my hip surgery but before docs suspected ms… can i claim again with ms suspected, I can walk and somedays I can’t, some i have to use my crutch/crutches… but they said that i could walk for 15 mins that i couldn’t claim, I did appeal once, I need help from my partner on occasion, things like helping me up, in and out of car, getting dressed lower half… They are all very mean I know the government have had major cut backs, but in this area it’s very wrong…

Good luck


Hi Andrea,

I’ve not claimed DLA before, and I am not dx, but I do struggle to do lots of things, my knee gives way, stiff ankles, stiff wrists, balance problems…toilet problems, the list goes on. I thought that I have got nothing to lose so Iam going to apply. It can’t harm for you to apply too.


Hi Andrea x yes you can claim again - put down how you are on your worst days xxxjenxxx

Hi Thanks for your concern. Wendy & Andrea- you do not have to br DX to claim. If you fill the form in yourself describe your worse day an s how you feel, what help you need and what has happened. As you GP has a section to fill in it may be advisable to visit, to ensure currency. It is also advisable to keep a diary, can you remember how you felt 2 weeks ago? Embarrassed, pain, confused, what help was given & by who. I would also advise getting an assessment by social services for yourself and a “career” and enclosing this as evidence that you need help. Also reports by other professionals. What meds you take, what aids you use, what ou did- want to do, what you can’t & how you feel. Be as descriptive and wordy as needed. Also you should get a blue badge if you have not ot one. You do not need DLA for this. See you local authority. I would advise trawling the NHS DIRECT site and they have good info like this one, one will also help you fill it in. Once submitted can take 12+ weeks for decision maker. Mike x Ps I gave up on crisis loan as spent all day on phone nd I am not up too it. Stress and dizziness has better of me. Hope it all goes ok

Mike I put in for higher DLA the begining of March and they still have not delt with it and Mike is correct you do NOT need a DX to get DLA you only need to show you need help.

Mike I phoned about the grant form,I was talking to the guy on the phone and he put the phone down on me I was disgusted I am struggling to talk I am so ill feeling low and back to having full body stiffness at night and this guy the ignorant litte BEEP put the phone down on me,well he did at least send the form out,filled in and sent back and I wrote on it I DO NOT WANT A LOAN I CANNOT AFFORD ONE…

If they refuse I will appeal…

They made me have a loan some many years ago BUT I wrote on the letter I was appealing and please take this as my reason for appeal etc etc,you know what they didnt turn it into a loan they actualy sent me £530-00 on top of my loan,nice one benifits agency…

Mike I understand your written word perfectly I type the same but then correct most of what I have written.


Thank you everyone

I recently had my esa stopped and because i have a partner can’t get any other benefit!! I was actually over due a medical for esa by 9 months! I personally think they have a cheek to just stop it without giving me a medical, I however have to get a letter from my doc for them to even consider putting me into a support group… I say where’s my medical???

anyhow been useless is hard enough without feeling like i don’t contribute! I will re apply for DLA

Thanks for the advice…