How crazy is this? I just found out today that my friend and work colleague has been dx with very active rrms I am gutted for her as just over a year ago I myself was also dx. I know the roller coaster ride she is probably about to go on and it’s not fun! But how weird is it that we both work in the same job and building we are teaching assistants in a special needs department and both have the same dx just thought I would share thanks for reading

just thought I would say I stepped of the roller coaster and only take a ride on it every now and then oh the joys :confused:

Yes, that is a very big coincidence…but your friend is lucky to have you as a friend, who will guide her along the new path her life has taken.

Best wishes to both of you.

luv Pollx

Thanks I’ll help her as much as I can but I’ve only had my dx a year and this might sound stupid but I don’t feel experienced enough to talk about it lol. That’s why on here I only read and don’t usually comment

emma x

an old school friend of mine has a dx of m.s.

The one topic we never discuss is m.s.

He doesn’t want to talk about it. You may find your work colleague is the same.

Thanks I think it’s me who doesn’t like talking about it I can now say I have ms if I need to but it still makes me shudder and if someone else says I have it I feel sick! Don’t know if that will ever change? Anyway I’m away to get ready for my hols woo hop lol :slight_smile:

oh your going on hols…fab…hope you come home refreshed and relaxed. try not to over think what your friend may or may not want to say…be it ms related or not. just enjoy being friends and let things happen naturally between you 2, eh/

luv pollx