Cranial Nerve Neuralgia

Hi there, I have had a strange feeling in the left side of my neck and have had it for about 6 months. Every time I push down on the upper half of the left side of my neck I get this strange shock sensation up my neck and into the top of my ear. It sometimes happens when I flex my neck. The strange thing is that when I do neck stretches and then attempt the same thing, the feeling does not occur for a few minutes and then it comes back. I had an MS scare in April 2018 due to strange sensations in my left leg and went for a full MRI of my brain and spine with the results coming back completely normal. Furthermore, the neurologist said the physical exam was perfectly normal and she did not want to see me again (she labelled it as conversion disorder). I’ve been doing some research and have seen that some cranial nerves come down the neck and was worried that this feeling was caused by damage to some of these nerves? From what I’ve read, the cranial nerves in the neck serve mainly as a motor function rather than a sensory function. Additionally, if it has to do with cervical nerves, why would the pain shoot up towards my ear? Thanks