Countdown to next neurologist appt

It comes to something when you have at last got another appointment coming up with the neurologist, it’s the day before your birthday, and you’re more ‘eager’ for the appointment than the birthday! This doesn’t mean I don’t like birthdays, but the waaaiting for appointments and answers seems forever (technically I have waited longer for the next birthday than appointment but we’ll ignore that haha).

Will need to start brewing the next list of questions and all.

Oh, do come up with a decent list Dahlia. And don’t be bothered about getting your list out, I always do.

I know you’ve been residing in the land of limbo for longer than is fair. You could do with a definitive ‘yes it is X’ or at least ‘no it’s not Y’.

Best of luck.


Thanks Sue Yes I could really do with that! (Also for the practical reasons that need an actual diagnosis).

It’s 3 weeks away, which should give me enough time to remember stuff for the list in dribs and drabs! So far gone from possible MS to CFS (+ couple more things to cover symptoms) but I still have some questions about both.

I count my MS as having been a lovely 30th birthday present. Wasn’t I lucky? I hope your birthday is happy!


Thanks :slight_smile: oh that was some birthday present! Wonder what mine will bring!

Hopefully something a bit lovelier. x

i got ms for my 50th!

looking back i probably had it from much younger but i’m glad that it didn’t get in the way of me acting young and crazy.

now i’m old, crazy and wobbly.

hope you both also got some good stuff for these birthdays!

Fingers crossed that you get some answers at your appointment and

an early ‘happy birthday’