Have been going for counselling for the last 3 months. Focus has been on issues arising from a crap childhood and nothing to do with m.s.

With the help of the counsellor have at last been able to make sense and understand what happened to me and being able to do this has been a great help – in fact I wish I’d done it years ago.

good for you.

i was chatting to someone in the pub and she suddenly unloaded some really heavy stuff about being abused as a child. i felt useless, wanting to help but being a bit drunk. i just kept telling her that she’s a survivor.

you must be a survivor too.

carole x

Hi, my aunt was sexually abused as a child, by her father. She carried the feelings of shame and guilt until he died…ie many, many years.

Then she had couselling. She was advised to write a letter to the perpitrator…saying just how he made her feel…then she burned it.

Result…freedom for her troubled mind.

Sounds a good idea, eh? So glad it helped you.

luv Pollx