Could you spare me some advice?

Hello everyone, I wondered if you could spare me some time and your experience so far. I’m a 28 year old male, and I have recently started university. As part of the course we were required to interview those with experience of social work. A few of my peers interviewed individuals with MS… and I thought - I do not know enough about this condition, and I want to know it all. So for the last few weeks, I’ve been reading up on symptoms etc. Then I realised I ticked every box. I never realised there was an explanation for things I was experiencing, and down played everything when it did happen. I am now considering reaching out to my GP. Only, there was few things that I couldn’t find explicit information on and I wanted to ask you, as experts in your own right. Obviously, I’m not asking for a diagnosis, only to see if some of the things are coincidence or potentially a sign. - I’m taking my age as a indicator - throughout the night I shake, consistently… sometimes causing my wife to leave the bed - my libido goes through a cycle of up and down, which has changed in the last few years from (not to be rude) always up and I guess I explained it through the low mood. - as does my mood. I was diagnosed with depression 2 years ago, but the cycling of a few months up and down made me think it could be bipolar, but I have since learnt that it could be the cycle of MS, particularly due to periods of energy to fatigue - sometimes my insides feel like they are vibrating - I have recently been signed off for a sudden onset of shoulder pain with no injury. This is 9 weeks from neck to wrist on my dominant side. - when I walk, and particularly down stairs or requiring lots of effort my legs will shake uncontrollably - I have spasms particularly in the legs at rest - when I move my eyes to the left, they both hurt in the left corners. Once I strain to test this, the pain does not leave for some time. I have noticed for a while that I cannot see as clearly when I try to look at the left of my face when shaving, but presumed it was the astigmatism and something would be pulled up on my yearly eye test - I have periods of really twitchy eyes, with no explanation really - without a rucksack, I’m terribly forgetful which is unusual for me - I get regularly constipated, even with a good diet - sometimes I feel really high, and sometimes I’m just so angry. Like the hulk. I’m feeling really deflated, and since I’ve made the connection… I feel sick as a dog (don’t even know where that saying came from?!) I’m anxious it might be true, how to broach it through the GP. I guess I’m hoping someone will say it’s all coincidence. Any experience/information would be greatly appreciated, and should I not have the opportunity to respond - please take my gratitude in advance. Best wishes, J

Hello Joseph

What you need to know first and foremost is that virtually any symptoms could be slotted into an MS box. So your list of symptoms, when you put them altogether, having just learned about MS, makes you think that is what has caused them. But that is not necessarily so.

Have a look at

It will explain that to be counted as a relapse (and you will know that relapsing remitting MS is the most likely form) a symptom should last for at least 24 hours. What you’ve described doesn’t have symptoms that necessarily last that long. So possibly don’t fit the definition.

However, what I would urge you to do is to visit your GP and explain what symptoms you have put together (print off your list and take it with you), and ask for an opinion. If I were you, I wouldn’t say that you believe it fits the MS model, GPs (in fact most doctors) hate that, they prefer to do the diagnosing. But you can ask if s/he thinks there could be a neurological connection and whether a referral to a neurologist is appropriate.

Best of luck.


Hi Sue, Thanks so much for your reply, of which I have read the website. I feel a bit more confused as most of the symptoms are daily, with really only the mood elements and libido being on a cycle. Most of the things I have described have been a gradual build up over two years, particularly the nightly tremors which occur every night. They concern me the Most, as well as the spasms and leg shaking when I walk. I’m not brave enough to say the words to the doctor, and please don’t think I’ve read and assumed. It was more that I had all these symptoms and rationally explained them away, and by accident have walked in to something that potentially links them altogether to explain them as one. I hope I haven’t inadvertently offended you or any other members. Best wishes, J

I’m not offering a diagnosis but saying that some of your symptons also fit the epilepsy box. I’ve got both and I have been told no to blame the MS for everything, most of my symptoms are the epilepsy.

You need to see a professional and not talk yourself into a disease you probably don’t have. Go to your GP.

Flo xx

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Joseph, there are tons of reasons for all those symptoms, I’d go to the GP first and get checked over. If he/she is at all concerned they will refer you on to a consultant. Don#t rely on Dr Google, you can convince yourself of anything that way. Also an optician, seeing as some of the problems were in that dept. Its not just eyesight, they can heck on the optic nerve these days.

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