could this be MS?

I went to the GP about 3 weeks ago with dizzyness and blured vision, they said it was labrynthitis, which seems reasonable as ive had earache since an ear infection back in jan. so they gave me a course of antibiotics and some antidizziness meds that didnt help, went back got different dizzyness meds and back again and got nasal spray as they say my eustation tubes are blocked (which i was told in jan when i had the ear infection and since when i went about a caugh - which they said was post nasel drip)

anyway as you do i googled labrythitis and MS was mentioned. the thing is ive been having numbness and tingling/pins and needles in my hands since jan. my vision keeps going blurry and double, i have the dizzyness and i kinda feel like my brain and body are out of sync if that makes sense? like im jerky and i have started to stutter as i cant get my words out right. i also suffer with psoriosis which is another autoimmure condition but i also have this excess catarrh which is some kind of hayfever/immune reaction(its year long so not hayfever) plus every time i get a blood test over the last 10 years i get a call to say my white cell count is high - which i know is an immune thing. i just tell them to look at my notes and they see its always high so leave it at that. (i also have a history or leg pain which the dr tells me is IBS and suffer with migraines which feel alot like this- dizzy, nauseous, room spinning, eyes blurry, diarrhea but with added in blinding head pain)

i have an opticians appointment tomorrow so ill see what they say… perhaps my vision have just deteriated and is causing my dizzyness etc and the pins and needles are just carpel tunnel.

Hello, sounds very familiar to some of the symptoms I have experienced if I was you I would be requesting for a MRI that will answer your question best of luck.


I think it’s important to rule out other things before jumping to the conclusion that what you have is neurological, and specifically MS. Which is exactly what you are doing by having your eyes tested, and trying different meds for dizziness.

But, if you continue to have the symptoms, it’s sensible to see your GP, lay it all our for him/her and see if s/he thinks it could be neurological. If so, I’d expect a referral to neurology.

Bear in mind though, that there are many other diagnoses that share symptoms with MS. Including certain vitamin deficiencies (B12 and D) and things like Fibromyalgia. So do keep an open mind.

What you could do in the meantime is think back as far as you can and write yourself a timeline of what has happened to you and when. You should make notes of things that have come and then improved / vanished, as well as any ongoing symptoms. This diary/timeline will help you to clarify what’s been going on (and could spur you on to make the doctor aware of exactly what you’ve been living with), and will help you to detail your problems for the GP and possibly a neurologist.

Best of luck.


thank you very much for your replies. i was previously told i had a vit D deficiency before when i was getting dizzy about 2yrs ago so that could be something to consider. A diary sounds like a good idea. thanks again x

Hi sorry for jumping on, I am in the process of Testing, autoimmune clinic and neurology and spin and Brian mri and although my doctor has said ms she also said she can’t say I have it 100% but there definitely going down that root and it’s something me and my partner have suspected for a while now. This all started after my daughter was born 2 years ago and has just effected my life so much and I understand it can be a difficult process to get a diognoses so just wondering how long it took some of you to get it actually confirm?

Also does everyone get the vitamin D problem with it?

Often a vitamin D deficiency can look a bit like MS. So no, not everyone has a vitamin D deficiency. Having said that, a recommendation to take a reasonably high dose of vitamin D is made to all people diagnosed with MS. You should always get your levels checked before taking a high dose supplement.

In terms of time scales for diagnosis, it really varies from a few days to a few years. Sometimes people have a radical introduction to MS, end up in hospital, have all the tests and are diagnosed in what seems unnatural (and shocking) speed. Other people see doctor after doctor and have test after test and eventually get either an MS diagnosis or a clear ‘it’s not MS’ message (which can often seem worse that a definitive MS diagnosis). Still others have symptoms, maybe are tested, are told ‘it’s not MS’, or just manage to ignore their symptoms. Then have a nasty relapse and are tested to find after some years that they’re diagnosed.

So really, ‘how long for diagnosis’ sounds like a straightforward question, but it’s got a multitude of answers.

Personally I fall into the last category. I was tested, told (wrongly as it turned out) ‘you don’t have MS’. Five years and lots of small relapses later, which I managed to pretend weren’t happening, I saw a neurologist again who confirmed that it was indeed MS and did another MRI to confirm it. I did initially fit the criteria for diagnosis, but those were the bad old days (Dark Ages in MS terms) when there were no DMDs available. So it would have made no difference. I’m now coming up to my 23rd year with MS.

Today it should take nowhere near that long. Hopefully you’ll have all the tests and get a comprehensive answer. And soon.


thanks for your replies everyone. I saw the optician who said that i currently need reading glasses though she thought it was due to the labrynthitis and told me to get some from the pound shop and come back once i’m better to be reassesed. went back to the drs who stopped the cinnarazine and is now giving my betahistamine plus some exercizes for vertigo. the dizzyniss appears to be getting better and the slurring and stuttering has greatly improved so that may have been a side affect of the medication. but i am now getting pains in my foot/ankle that has made me fall over 4 times in the last week. thing is its there and gone so hardly seams mentioning to the doctors. my eyesight is still bad and i feel like i struggle to do things with my hands like packing the shopping and picking cutelry out the drawer or typing. my hands work fine (i can grip and everything) they just dont seem to do what i want them to do so well, but then i think maybe its because im ill and my brain is fuzzy. i think i may have to fall into the ignoring symptoms catagory for awhile as everything is so vague. thank you for listening to my rambles