Could this be MS? 41 & falls and how to find the right Neuro..?

Hi All…

I’m very confused… A little history, I’ll try to be brief: I’m 41 I started having Severe pain in both feet, & L ankle that became so severe I could barely walk, ( especially in Am, & Eve… I saw a podiatrist… diagnosed w plantar Faciatis ( Cortizone shots, , & Physical therapy, orthotics) I also had shooting pain in my legs at night & periodically tingling numbness in legs, stiffness & heavy ness feelings in legs after prolonged sitting, Tingling in hands & arms ( all though mostly in feet & hands). & a few times in my pelvic area. anyway I did the therapy for a few months lost 35 pounds ( I’m moderatly over weight 190 currently 5’6 female) My pain went away, I felt great! For several months!! No pain… no problems walking, light to no pain in legs at night!.. However… then lout of no where a few days ago, my foot started hurting mildly, I started my Physical therapy home exercises & didn’t think much of it, then I was walking in store ( walking alot) & out of no where my foot turned inward, & my legs felt weak, & just collapsed, I fell almost flat on my face… ( I did not black out) I was more embarrased & got up before anyone could see me lying down in the parking lot.

That fall was my 2nd time in like 3, or 4 months, last time same thing… I also researched some balance test, I can’t stand n one foot barely on the right, & not at all on the left, & I tried to do the balance test where you close your eyes & stand still w your arms by your side, & I sway terribly. so no propreoception for me…r I’m getting terrible leg pain that runs all the way from my hips to my ankles Bi- lateral on the lateral ( outside of my legs), I work all day on my feet, seems to be worse at night… like throbbing or deep ache. Ii’m not sure if this is related to my feet, but the pain & sensations seem to be differn’t. I had a Nerve conduction study that came out ok, but w slight delay on left, but one Dr. said it was not significant… but that’s about it. would my Nerve conduction study be positive w MS. My friends in the medical field say it sounds like Ms should be ruled out, or investigated…??

I saw my primary, but she thought I had low blood sugar… but I know how that feels & it wasw nothing like that… it’s Dec & I can’t get into a neuro untill the end of the month, Dec 23, wich means if they send me for test it will be next year & I will have big $$$ Deductables… also I really don’t think I should wait… so any advice here? I’m 41 & find this all very strange , any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there, This must be a very worrying time for you and you have my greatest empathy for your situation. I think personally it’s only three weeks until your appointment, which does seem relatively quick, although not too sure how long you have been waiting. Even if you see someone now, the likelihood of getting any kind of MRI scan in the uk before the new year is unlikely unless you are willing to pay. However, I am not too sure how fast you could get them if you are living elsewhere in the world. My only suggestion if you are really worried is to present at your local emergency department the next time you have a fall, and let them be the judge of speed as to how quickly you need an MRI. Lastly, be open minded about the whole ms thingy. So many things can mimic it and these need to be excluded first as they are generally faster to exclude, than ms is to diagnose. Fingers crossed you get some answers soon and hopefully, for your sake, it isn’t those two dreaded little letters that change your life forever. Good luck?