Could this be ms? 18 and worried

Before the start of October I had absolutely no health problems at all. I had just started uni when all of these symptoms began. It all started when I had sex for the first time. A day after I felt like I had to urinate constantly. This then settled down but now I have a constant small amount of urine leakage (urine checked no std). Also I get a lot of discomfort if I have to sit for a long time.

After this I started to get a feeling of tingling all over my body. Like insects were crawling on me or something. The tingling passed in about a week. Around this time, just before falling to sleep my legs would twitch, which I found very strange. At the start I assumed that maybe I hurt a pelvic nerve, as many of my symptoms seemed to fit ‘pudendal neuralgia’ but the last few weeks I’ve had symptoms that seem a lot more like ms. I feel dizzy a lot of the time, almost like I’m drunk.

Can’t really tell that I’m dizzy as much when lying down. Also it feels as though I have to put more effort into my breathing, at first I thought maybe its just anxiety and that I’m paying too much attention to my breathing but it really feels like its more effort. I also noticed that if I hold something for a long time like a full shopping bag, afterwards my hand shakes and feels weak. Also my knee aches if I put too much pressure on it for too long. A few weeks ago I felt some tingling on my face and it seemed to mildly hurt. I get random pain sometimes on the bottom of my feet whilst walking.

Obviously I’m not expecting anyone to diagnose me but I was just wondering if this sounded like ms to you? Although I find it very strange that this came on straight after my first sexual encounter. Thanks!

Maybe you’ve been googling your symptoms and come up with MS, the symptoms of which can be many and varied and it can be difficult to diagnose. No two people with MS are alike.

You should make an appointment with your GP or a doctor at the University Health Centre.

it might not be as bad as you fear.

Good luck with this, your health and your studies. xx


Thanks a lot for the reply! I agree that I shouldn’t jump to conclusions, it’s just my symptoms seem very similar.

Your symptoms could be any number of things, that’s why need to see a doctor. If he thought that a visit to a neurologist would benefit you, then he would refer you to one. If that happens, a neurologist is the only person that might be able to diagnose you, & then only after you’ve had many more tests…MS is notoriously difficult to diagnose as it’s very similar to many other things.

Good luck

Rosina x

Having had sex fo the first time and then all these symptoms happening is probably a coincidence, if you have been tested for ALL STDs if you had unproteted sex, and for a UTI, def. talk to your GP. Your symptoms could be anything, they problem with trying to diagnose MS, you have to rule out everything else to be diagnosed and the many symptoms of MS are like a few other diseases. but like Rosina said, if your GP thought you need to see a neuro, they would refer you. or you can just ask if he/she says no