could i have ms

Hello my name is susan i am 55 yrs old after being to my doctors a yr ago with dizzy spells pins and needles ,and i feel like i have a hot water bottle in my thigh. he said to go back if symptoms returned,Exactly a yr later they have returned i been to see a neurologist he referring me for mri and a lumbar puncture ms not been mentioned but i think i might have it.Would the doctor want them tests done if he didnt think i had it. Many thanks

Hello Sue

It’s possible. Certainly if the neurologist thought you might have MS, those are the tests you’d be referred for.

But equally, those same tests are used to diagnose other disorders. And they are also used to demonstrate that you don’t have MS or anything else nasty.

Sometimes neurologists don’t do people any favours by not telling the patient what they suspect. And what they don’t suspect.

So you end up worried silly about what’s wrong.

I really hope you don’t have a long wait for the tests and the results of the tests. Meanwhile, try not to research MS, you may not have it. And you can’t change the outcome by worrying.