Could I have ms? Please help me.

Hello all, I’m struggling with daily life and wondering if ms is the reason. Please help me find out if ms is a possibility for me. History Female, 25 yrs old. Daughter born on 1/1/12 via emergency c-section Had severe spd in pregnancy right through my second pregnancy until the birth of my second daughter via emergency forceps on 30/03/13. I still have pain now in my hips, back and pelvis. The delivery of my second daughter was an emergency because the epidural went wrong and went up my chest into my neck causing me to stop breathing. Lots of things were done but I was barley conscious and in huge pain so don’t remember what else happened. I stayed in high dependency for 3 days with breathing problems. I’ve been back to hospital several times for pain on my old c-sec scar and on the left side of my body. It was decided I had muscular damage. I have vision problems in both pregnancies, just flashing lights, I was checked for pre-eclampsia, all clear. My vision continues to get worse, I now have 6/24 vision and significant visual field and acuity defects. I’m suffering with headaches, nausea, the feeling that I’m spinning and falling, and objects seem shakey. I also have bladder problems that I’ve not discussed with my gp, I go to the bathroom often but have an urgency issue. I can’t ‘hold it’ anymore, I have to go as and when I feel the need. I’m awfully tired most of the time, I often go to bed at 8pm until 7am when my daughters get up. I get numb arm and legs at times too, I had put that down to having bad varicose veins and being overweight. I saw a nuro-surgeon as my gp suspected pituitary adenoma after I had an eye test at specsavers and again at the eye hospital, my MRI came back clear of tumours. I’ve now been referred to a nuro-ophthalmologist. I’m awaiting that appt. Obviously I now can’t drive which is a huge problem and I’m the only driver in my family, my partner has epilepsy. Could I have ms? I don’t know why I’m experiencing all this, there must be a cause. Please if anyone can offer any words of wisdom. Thank you. Rosie. X

Hi Rosie, as one who had problems around childbirth too, I sympathise. My suggestions: keep a symptom diary and do see your GP about your bladder problems. If I were you I’d take a short list (maximum 5 things) that you are currently concerned about. I’ve only just started doing something about my symptoms and will see a neuro in November. Wishing you clarity and comfort ~♡~

Hi, headaches, nausea and vertigo can be symptoms of Migraine with Aura. This is something I have been diagnosed with, worth getting it checked out. x

Hi Rosie

As bunnythecat mentioned migraines certainly could cuase a lot of your symptoms but I wouldn’t expect you to loose your vision for so long. It’s diffocult to know whether this is MS as there are so many conditions that could give rise to the same symptoms so it is a good thing you are being investigated so you can get the right treatment and help you need.

Hopefully the neuro-ophthalmologist will be able to figure out why you have a visual field defect and have lost so much peripheral vision which will be a good start.

Good luck and keep us posted on how you get on.