Could depression make my symptoms flare up?

I am undiagnosed, had 1 attack that affected my speech & a few bits more. I’m finding the more depressed, worried etc I am my speech gets worse. When I’m feeling happy or happier it’s better. Could depression/worry really make it play up?

Depression and worry can both lead to mental fatigue and fatigue makes symptoms worse, so yes. When our bodies manage to repair damage sufficiently well for the symptom to appear to be fixed, the reality is that, a lot of the time, the repairs are far from perfect. This means that it doesn’t take much for cracks to start to show and the symptom to become more noticeable again :frowning: The sort of things that show up imperfect repairs are fatigue, overheating, viruses/infections and stress. I see no reason why depression wouldn’t too. Karen x

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