Cost of Car lnsurance and Breakdown Service

lt is my experience to always query the cost of the renewal costs of car insurance and breakdown services [ ie AA. RAC etc].

Do a bit of wrangling - threaten to cancel your membership. l have done this for the last few years - and each time have managed to get a fairer cost. Our families AA Gold membership - l have had almost halved this morning by phoning them and saying l wanted to cancel. They came back with a fairer cost.

With car insurance - l always try the comparison sites when l have received the new quotes - then l ring our broker [ AA again] and ask them to ‘Look Again’. l explain that our annual mileage is very low - and we have full no claims. lf they will not budge - l say l am leaving them unless they can come up with a lower quote. Suggest they ring you back in a few minutes and put the phone down. They do not want to lose your business - give them the chance to recalculate your quote.

When you call them - the operator who answers will give his or her name - be ‘pleasant’ call them by their name - keep it friendly - lt is never worth being pragmatic. Use their name as often as you can - making it more personal. lt works - believe me.

Breakdown services do differ. The AA cover you - not your car. l expect the RAC is the same.If you are out with friends in their car and they breakdown you can call the service out. We were somewhere very remote when a car parked behind us could not be moved as the driver had somehow locked his keys in the car. He had blocked several cars in. ln 40 mins help came after l had rung the AA.

We have three cars - which are covered by the one membership which does include family members - we get a card each.

Hope this helps -


When I get my annual renweal I go straight on the web and calculate the cost for the same cover which is always cheaper.

Then I call customer services and get it reduced usually by at least 25%

I’v done this for the past 4 or 5 years

Also check out other providers such as the RAC and Greenflag.