Cost Cutting on MY Drugs 3

Well the appointment did not happen, I received a phone call telling me the Doctor would ring me a home and discuss my treatment.

When she rang it was all very apologetic saying I should not have been sent the letter in the first place and having looked a my notes I would not be taken off Pregablin, she then asked if I had any questions regarding my treatment so I said yes if I could have SATIVEX I would be even better, she did not know what it was so I went on to explain and she was quite embarrassed. So the saga ends. If my best mate is still Engaged Just Call is still posting please don’t bother.

Thanks to everyone else for the support which is what this site is all about.


Great to see you back on here today, Dave.

I think your friend may have ‘left the building’

I am sure there are lots of people on here who are sorry how your post was taken over like it was but harmony has been restored. (until the next one comes along)

I am glad you can keep hold of the pregabalin.

What happens now about the Sativex? Do you carry on trying to fight for it?


Thanks goodness Dave, that’s one thing less to worry about. I hope you get your Sativex sometime soon as well and as for the hi-jacker, he’s been ejected.

very best wishes



Good luck with getting Sativex Dave! I hope it happens for you. Teresa xx

Thanks for posting this good news.

It’s a shame you had to endure so much hassle from the letter both directly and indirectly.

I was going to post that it may be possible that the letter was a mistake, bureaucracy can generate a life all of its own but then I decided to keep out of it.

Good Luck with getting the Sativex.


Really pleased to see you post again Dave. Didn’t want a certain person to have made you leave. Also really pleased that nothing came of the threat to your pregabalin. Fingers crossed that your GP has been sufficiently embarrassed that she comes onside in your Sativex battle! Karen x PS I have put in multiple requests to my GP surgery for extra pregabalin recently, all of which have been ignored. Having to go see a GP tomorrow so they can’t get away with the same excuse. They can say it’s not cost cutting till they’re blue in the face - their behaviour says different: they twice refused to do a prescription ‘early’ (the pharmacy had to give me some pills in advance), they refused to take my word that my cardiology nurse had recommended an increase my meds which led to a three week delay in getting them and now this crap with the pregabalin :frowning:

YAY for still being on the Pregablin!!!

And BOOOOO for the bureaucratic muck up that caused you so much needless stress.

Fingers crossed for the Sativex

And Evangelical Just Chatting chats with us no more

So very glad you didn’t leave and we can get back to doing what we do best; supporting each other and helping each other out.

All the best Dave,

B xx

Thet, Dave, is good news on a wet miserable day!


Great news. the battle lines were drawn ready for the big fight and they waved the white flag. i thaught cost cutting might have stopped me from starting avonex, but got the call will be here on christmas eve. Have a great xmas everyone

Once again thanks for all your support

Eveyone have a GREAT CRIMBO remember at the moment “it’s for life not just for Christmas”.

I am sure a cure is on it’s way!!!

Ho HO HO it’s time to go ( bloody shopping)

All the best


That’s great news. Nice when something turns out to be just cock up rather than conspiracy!



im glad you didnt get took off your tablets, have a happy xmas