Coping with the high's and low's


This is my first time posting,even though ive been reading through the forums for quite some time. So Big Hello to you all xx

I was diagnosed in Feb with RRMS, have has symptoms for years but after a getting ON the diagnosis came soon after. Im slowly getting my head around everything but really struggle with the high’s and low’s of how im feeling :frowning:

I keep having times where ive got really bad fatigue and suffer a ton of other sensory symptoms, I then feel at a real low and decide I really need to start and take things more slowly, cut down my workload ect, then once things seem to settle down again I then feel silly about even considering reducing my hours at work, applying for blue badge, dla ect ect …

I know I only start to feel better because while im having a bad patch, I then make all these plans to ease the stresses of life and get what help is available, which in turn makes me feel better :confused: Once im back to some kind of level ground I then think im being silly and soft about it all :frowning:

Would love to hear how you have all got on with this … feels like im trapped going round and round in circles with myself xx