When your on copaxone do you have to take all your tablets or can we stop taking them thinking of stopping taking tablets and just inject have anyone else done this…

hi vb

i stopped my tablets because i was taking a lot.

but i then realised what i was taking them for

citalopram keeps me on an even keel mentally

all the neuropathic painkillers kill pain! honest!

there’s nothing said about other meds in the copaxone blurb

i suppose its up to us

good luck

carole x


The copaxone is a dmd and is there to manage the progression of ms through trying to limit the damage to the myelin sheath.

Other meds control other things, be it pain, bladder management or other medical conditions.

I have been on dmds for 10 years +and have contined or started other meds.

If unsure please speak to your gp



Thanks both might try and c how i go cos i am taking 12 tablets for various things wish me luck…

Please be very careful about coming off meds - a lot of them need to be reduced gradually. Also, it’s best to come off meds one at a time so you can work out what’s doing what. If you stop one med and notice no difference, then great, you know it’s fine to stop that. If you stop two meds and one type of symptom gets bad, there’s no way of knowing what med you need to go back on.

Copaxone is a preventative med for MS - it won’t do anything for existing MS symptoms and cannot replace any med you take for symptoms.

Karen x