Hi, after being diagnosed in 2010 at 26 I finally started avonex on October 2017, was a horrible experience, I lasted 6 months on it. What are the majority of you on and how are you finding it please? I was thinking about trying Copaxone

hi glittermoon

copaxone was my first DMD back in 2008.

it is easy to fit into your daily routine.

however it is a relatively old one now and is less effective than the others so your neuro may be reluctant to start you on it.

i’m now on tecfidera, kind of muddling along nicely.

discuss this at length with your ms nurse.

make sure you have considered all the options.

carole x


I too started on Avonex and had horrible side effects. So I moved onto Copaxone and found that it was easy to do, being subcutaneous, I didn’t have any side effects from the drug at all.

However, what Carole says is true, it’s an old drug and not as effective as many of the other newer drugs, eg Tecfidera. Do check out all your options and take advice from your MS nurse and/or neurologist.

Have a look at for all the potential options.

Good luck.


Thanks both, I am just so nervous about pml, my ms nurse has been through all the meds with me but I was worried how they will impact me, so was relying on the older more used ones… Silly really.

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Don’t worry about PML. You can only get PML if you are positive for the JC virus antibodies. If you are on Tysabri, your JCV status is checked regularly and the test is now so good they can judge whether a particular person who is JCV+ is more or less at risk from PML and in general that only after 2 years on Tysabri. Equally, on Tecfidera, it’s only if your lymphocytes dip too low (and don’t bounce back) that you are at risk. You just talk through all of your worries with your MS nurse and you should should be protected from any serious risks.


Hi lovely

I’ve been on Copaxone for the last 6 years since my diagnosis. I was injecting once a day which I could cope with initially and then in the last few years it became too much, luckily the 3 times a week was introduced. I’m so much happier now and I’ve never had any side effects, other than Injection site reactions. I’ve had several MRIs since my diagnosis and I haven’t had any new lesions. My disability is progressing but then I don’t think there is a drug out there that can slow it, only prevent relapses which cause the initial damage. Xx