Copaxone Query

Hi Everyone.

My consultant has recently decided that it “might be worth considering a DMT”… after discussion with the MS Nurse it has been agreed that I will start Copaxone - the inject 3 times a week version of it - after I’ve been on holiday. Now it seems sensible to me to inject in the evening before going to bed, so if there are any adverse effects I can sleep them off; however I notice in the literature I’ve been given that it says to inject when energy levels are at their highest. Sooooo I’m just wondering at what time of day other Copaxone users inject ? And reasons why please?

Any thoughts / insights would be much appreciated.

Thank you :slight_smile:

H x

Hi H. I inject in the evening, basically because I find (depending where you have injected) I am more comfortable in my pjs after doing them. Sometimes the sites can be a little irritated, not badly, but I find evening is best for me. I have been on it for 12 years. Hope that helps! xx

I inject in the evening just before I jump into bed. No particular reason, it just fits well into my evening routine. No issues and works for me! X

i was on copaxone for 6 years.

mornings are hectic and my job was demanding so morning jabs were out for me.

i preferred doing it when i was relaxed.

the reason i chose copaxone was because you can fit it into your day.

a word of advice - make sure that you rotate the injection sites.

i did that for the first 5 years but some sites became sore.

my tum first so i asked if i could miss that bit out, i was told only once or twice.

but i’m a proper mardy bum so i skipped it anyway.

then my thighs became sore so i skipped them as well.

i developed lipotrophy on my left arm so was told to come off it and i went on tecfidera.

Thank you all for your replies… Interesting that you are all injecting at the sort of time I thought was sensible as opposed to when the ‘experts’ recommend. Hummmm I guess it’s us who are the real experts! Lol Thanks Carole for advice about rotating sites - I’ll be careful to do that. Sorry you had a problem and had to stop… Hope your new drug working well for you. Best wishes to all. H X

hi H

tecfidera sounds scary when you are told the worse case scenario about side effects.

but it is so easy and my lymphocytes are monitored in case they get too low.

happy jabbing

carole x

I injected Copaxone for about 5 years and always did it in the morning. It was a routine, first shower then bang, in the needle goes, done. No side effects, ever. Don’t forget to rotate injection sites. I used to mostly go for the fattest parts of me, which in those days was pretty much only my bum and my legs. I did my stomach now and then, but my arms were really a bit too skinny.

I only stopped when I started relapsing again. So the drug stopped working.

Do it at whatever time of day fits your lifestyle. Good luck with it.