Copaxone, pregabalin and topiramate.. Can I take them all?!

Hi all, I have been diagnosed with MS after a years worth of testing and umming and arring, and finally a rather revealing MRI. My problems actually started with RSD (so diagnosed the NHS!) 7 years ago, when after much sticking with needles and blood tests, CT’s etc (I was only worth one cursory MRI back then!) they decided they’d put me on pregabalin for the pain, alongside Paracetamol, ibuprofen and Topiramate for severe headaches. Since then symptoms have obviously manifested into MS following what the ‘experts’ thought was a series of strokes, for which they treated me with simvastatin and clopidogrel. I am also being treated for depression (little wonder really) by my GP with Sertraline. My problem is that I would like to start on Copaxone but cannot find out if it is compatible with the anti-epileptics they have me on for my pain. I am due to see my MS nurse for the first time tomorrow and want to go armed with as much information as I can as I find it difficult to take in new verbal information readily! (So much for the phD!) Any help or pointing-in-the-right-direction would be most graciously accepted. Thank you all, Debsyjo

Hello Debsyjo. Your MS nurse is the person who can happily answer these questions. There’s nothing wrong in you taking pen and paper if you want to take notes. Why cant you ask your GP? Also, you could call in to any pharmacy…a pharmacist is highly trained. Show him a list of your medication and ask if there would be any contraindications in taking Copaxone. I wish you lots of luck, Noreen x

Hi Debsijo As far as I am aware taking neuropathic painkillers alongside a DMD is perfectly fine. I take beta interferon and gabapentin and it has never been an issue for me. Like blossom says if you need some reassurance speak to your nurse or GP. Best of luck, Laura :slight_smile:

Hi Debsyjo

I currently take amitripylene, topiramate and Rebif alongside cocodamol occasionally. Not quite the same mix as you are on but similar. Whenever a health professional prescribes yet another drug to add to my cocktail (I also take inhalers for asthma and rhinitis) they always refer to their list of medication for any contra-indications to see if any of these cannot be taken at the same time.

I usually take an up-to-date list of my current medication along to my hospital appointments so they always have a list of what I have on repeat prescription from my GP. I’m sure your MS nurse will be able to check for you whether there is a problem with any of the medication that you are currently on.

Good luck on your DMD.

Tracey x