Copaxone- going well!!

Hi all,

I recently reached out to some people on here who were on copxone as it’s of course easier to find cases of people who haven’t got on well with it.

I’m a few weeks in and wanted to thank people for the support as it is going really well! I was so nervous about the injections but I’m doing it in my thigh with a self injector pen and honestly, it’s not bad at all. I find that taking it out the fridge a bit before and some antihistamine balm after is all I need!

I don’t know if the actual treatment will work yet, but now that I’ve settled into it, it is a convenient treatment to have compared to others I’ve been on and I’m very optimistic! I hope anybody starting this treatment feels a little reassured by this.

Have a lovely day
Betty x

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That is good to hear!