Hello allow me to introduce myself. My name is John and through the Social Networks I go under the name of Ice Cold Chef. My wife Bev (Mrs J) taught me took once she was diagnosed with MS. I couldn’t cook at all but knew I needed to learn. Now I want to help others through #cookerysos. A Charity Cook Book to help Carers and Families to cook from fresh. Through twitter recipes are coming in fast. Please have a look at the following link from Octobers Northern MS Newsletter. Thanks and Hello to you all:

Welcome John…

Nice to see you on here and following you on Twitter.

Best of luck with the cook book… great idea!

Pat x

Hello Pat, thank you. We have totally adapted our lives and turned it into a positive. Healthy meals are important as we know, there must be hundreds of carers who want to cook. i hope this helps all :slight_smile: x

Hello John. I read your story on Jayne Cox’s website…it very interesting. Now following you on twitter. I’m a big fan of Nigel Slater…I like simple nutritional meals with little messing about. I always joke that I’m allergic to my kitchen…luckily my husband likes to cook. Seriously though, I don’t have the greatest appetite…think its a lot to do with medication. My husbands always looking for news ideas for meals to tempt me. Good luck with the charity cook book. Noreen x