Contrast & Breastfeeding

I had my MRI with contrast on Tuesday and was told I couldn’t breast feed for 24 hours afterwards which was fine, I expressed and threw the milk away, but since then my milk supply seems to have taken a huge dip. I’m used to having to express for a couple of days at a time (when my children are with their Dad) so I don’t think it’s that, I’m just wondering if anything in the dye itself could have caused a change. I know things like antihistamines and decongestants can decrease milk supply.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve no idea about the dye but hope your milk increases again soon. Remember to eat lots of oats (and remember that flapjacks count too!) and if you can just lay in bed and feed as often as you can get your little one to latch on - if they are anything like my boys all were then that will be A LOT! Don’t worry, even if the dye did decrease your supply you will be able to make it back up on demand. Good luck!