Contracted muscle caused swollen tongue

Thanks to the guys who responded to my first thread about a swollen tongue but the problem is getting worse. It got infected which has now cleared but my GP believes that the muscle controlling my tongue is contracted…I have a horrible tugging sensation in the back of my head almost causing a feeling of pressure. I feel absolutely dreadful and she has given me diazepam hoping to release the spasm. I’m also having some also spasms in my major muscle groups which have eased since I took the diazepam.

Has anyone had anything like this?

Thanks for any responses I appreciate any advice xx

Sorry, I sent you a long reply, but stupid website crashed - and of course, I still haven’t learnt to type it in Word first, as insurance.

I won’t repeat all of it - just say that if diazepam isn’t enough, consider asking for baclofen (if not already on it) - the commonest firstline treatment for MS muscle spasms. You can take it as well as diazepam - it’s not either/or.

Also, as it seems you are having a relapse, steroids might be an option - but I can’t remember if you already had some recently, and so can’t take them again.



Thanks Anitra, I must admit I felt so awful that the diazepam seems to have taken the edge off…nut you’re right I will bear the baclofen in mind. Unfortunately I had a massive intravenous dose of steroids at the end of November so my consultant was not happy to give me more but is getting me in within the next weeks with a view to changing meds. It’s just unfortunate it’s fell over that lull between Xmas and new year. It’s just such an odd symptom and weird place to get a muscle contraction.