Continuing to be confused by it all

Just been for a talk with the consultant today about the recent MRI. No lesions found in brain or spine. So now for a test re my nerves. Is this a evoked potential test?. I am still off work, still struggling with my mobility, fatigue , word finding, memory, yesterday I dipped my hand into the margarine tub instead of the knife that I had in my other hand…, still struggling with the pain /tightening in the back of my legs , amitriptyline now at 35mg. The consultant also says that he will refer me to someone else re my memory to see what specifically is affected. Meeting up again on the 10th December to review the results…no further forward 3 1/2 months in…I just want to know what is a matter with me and when will it stop. An inpatient Yvette x

Hi Yvette, a sympathy {{hug}} from another one waiting for answers. I’ve been keeping a symptom diary since August 2012 and will finally get to see a neurologist at the end of November. All this waiting is difficult, isn’t it?

Yes I have a diary downstairs and I will have my pen poised to take note…I think I need to be able to have the diary to be able to reflect on daily occurrences to see how this will fit back into work…hug received and appreciated x yvette

Big hugs. I too would love to know what’s going on waiting mri results that I’ll get in December (!). Hope you get some where Axx

My next appointment is the 10th December, the day before my birthday. So if by then I have the other tests and he can give me an idea as to what is going on, it will be the best birthday present yet! We have nothing but time! What did Ian brown sing, ‘time is my everything’. Yvette x

Hi Yvette, im in the same place as you and have been for the last 6 months with many things thrown up in the air but nothing coming back down, I’ve had clear MRIs too, but like you I have turned tap on to fill kettle put instead of placing kettle under tap, I placed the arm under of the hand I’d used to turn tap on, I understand the fight and I have still not got any answer, I’m now waiting to see a second neuro as doctors are not happy with me and said something is going on, I know it’s hard, don’t know how I get though days sometimes but to find someone going down the same road as you helps a little. Hope u get answers soon love and hugs henri xx

Sending you a cyber hug for your frustration. I am sort of lucky that I have been diagnosed with CIS but I am still off work and in pain (including stiffening in my leg), so you also have my sympathy for that part of it.

Big hugs from another fellow ‘Limboland’ resident, Yvette.

Really hope you get some answers in December xx

Lots of hugs and wishes to you! xx

Lots of hugs and wishes to you! xx