Continual antibiotics

Hi everyone Was wondering if you could help me. Since the autumn months I have had continual back to back relapses as you all know. But during this time I’ve kept getting sinus infections. Had a really bad one at Xmas with def relapse I’m now ill again and everything is going wrong again. I keep needing antibiotics. I feel much better on them stop them then the cycle starts again. I know some of you take antibiotics regularly can’t remember the term you use for UTI could the same be said for like sinus infections etc. My son has had tonsillitis on and off since Xmas. I’m seeing doc again in two weeks. Really want to feel better as it’s getting me down but this week coming I’ve got my MRI one day and ms nurse the next day and it’s over an hour to get there. Em x

I’m getting referred to ENT now as well.