Continence nurse

Well, I’ve got my appointment with the continence nurse next week, and am on day one of the three days measuring intake and output. We bought a plastic measuring jug for the purpose, but I’m still wondering why my husband had to ask “where do you want it, I’ve put it in a cupboard in the kitchen!?” On the bowel form it asks for time, type and amount. At the risk of someone actually telling me, how can you tell the amount? Surely they don’t expect me to weigh or measure it!! Ugh! However I digress, what can I expect in terms of treatment for my apparently over-active bladder, which I suspect doesn’t empty fully. Are there drugs or will I just get advice on symptom management?

I bet the result is that you get prescribed “Vesicare” ?!!

(…if so, I hope it works better for you than it did for me!!)


Thank you. I will look that up. I’m a bit concerned that solving one problem might give me another one! Not one of life’s optimists!

hi flowerpot

if you are constipated it makes it difficult to empty your bladder so you have to make sure one is working so that the other can.

i have kentera patches because i’m useless at remembering to take pills.

i self catherise and that works really well.

good luck

carole xx

Hi, to calm an over active bladder, I was on oxybutynin for years. It did help initially, whilst I could get to the loo in time. I had to measure intake/output, but never for stools…only the type of stool, compared with Bristol stool chart.


Hi Flowerpot, No no no - please don’t get your scales out to weigh your poo!!! Just estimate small, medium or large. Compare to Bristol stool scale aiming Bristol 4. Treatment probably tablets first then if no improvement intermittent self catheterisation (ISC) - I’m on both with a dramatic improvement of my quality of life. Not having to constantly search for toilets when I’m out. If your having to wee during the night ask for desmopressin tablets. Good luck Min xx

Thanks everyone. If Bristol type 4 poo is what I’m aiming for then that at least is ‘normal’! I’m concerned that medication might solve one problem, but give me another. I really don’t want to self-catheterise if I can avoid it. What an 'orrible topic of conversation.