Contactures of both legs


From my lack of strength to walk to the bathroom I used to crawl. This caused bad pressure sores. I was treated at one hospital then sent to the local community hospital for rehabilitation but they would not get me out of bed saying the other hospital was from a different trust and they would not get me out of bed. So 6 months later I am unable to walk and legs are bent at the knees

I have sorted botox injections every 4 months but the legs are still not working.

Am I wasting my time? Or does snybody know anything i can do try and fix the legs?



Sorry to hear you are struggling to get the level support you clearly need.
I am guessing that you haven’t been offered physio treatment, which is very poor, because it’s the only thing I know of that can improve muscle strength.

The sit to stand exercise is good one to start with, as it can help with stuff like transferring. Of course, I understand this might not be possible on your own, but a physio should be able to suggest a manageable alternative.

I hope you get the help you deserve.

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