Constant pins and needles

Hi, I am 24 years old and I have been living with pins and needles in my hands, feet and tongue and have a ringing noise in my ear constantly. I do feel a little tired during a typical day. I have not drank alcohol since the start of these symptoms and never smoked. I am normal weight, exercise and eat a relatively healthy diet. I have had blood tests, nerve conduction study, blood pressure, eye test, seen osteopath twice, CT brain and spine scan, neurologist examination which has all came back normal. Professionals considered anxiety, but I have had CBT since symptoms began and this has helped my anxiety extremely. I am awaiting MRI brain and spine scan results. The neurologist has suggested MS. How typical are these symptoms and has anyone been feeling the same? When I was younger I suffered from migraines with aura, and had a TIA stroke at age 18, due to a hole in my heart and have since bad a PFO closure and take Nortriptyline 25MG daily, which has stopped the migraines. I have had to change jobs because of this and it has gotten worse more recently. Thanks for taking the time to read. Hannah

Hi Hannah

Ive been experiencing the same . Was anything else mentioned ? Apart from Ms ?

kat x

Hi Kat,

Sorry to hear you have also been experiencing this, anxiety and MS was the only things mentioned by my neurologist. Have you been to see a neurologist?

Hannah x