Constant cold purple feet

My Mum is a ms sufferer and she has cold purple feet all the time. What is this and is there anything we can do to help it?

Hi, It may be acrycianosis (my spelling of this might be slightly wrong) which is a relative of Reynalds Syndrome. Do your mums feet return to normal colour when the foot is raised? i.e when she is laying down. I have this in my left foot and my foot returns to normal colour when I lay down. Mine is improving slowly but if I sit around with feet still for too long the foot is purple and cold.

I was massaging my foot everyday to get the circulation going. And also getting out for a walk each day even to just buy a newspaper to keep the circulation going.

Your mum find a circulation booster (available from the likes of Argos) or vibro gym might help. I use a vibrogym at my local MS Therapy Centre and, although it doesn’t cure the problem, it helps. I get this in one foot only, which is really weird!