Congenital cyst MRI results

Well my results are in and it says “there is an abnormality which is almost certainly irrelevant to your symptoms and which is probably a cyst that you were born with. These are quite common and cause no trouble, but to prove there is no cause for concern we would like to repeat the scan with the injection of some dye. I will organise this for you and will then be in touch with the results.”

Bit mixed bag but I can’t fault my neuroligist he is awesome and really friendly :0) I just don’t know where to go from here and it desn’t help that as part of my training I am due out on placment in 4 1/2 weeks and really need some clarity on whether this can go ahead, family are taking it all quite well as I’ve explained to them that it’s nothing to worry about unless something is found on the second scan … so really still in limbo !!!

Internet jus keeps confusing me about the relevenace of congenital aracnoid cycsts !!

what type of cyst is it, have you heard of syringomyelia , its caused by cysts on the spinal cord

Basically everything in “” is all the information I have in my letter I don’t know where it is whehter its small, large smooth, iregular, loaction or densitiy. It sucks in one but in the other I am happy that I have my neuro x

Luelle Ive just sent you a message I hope this helps

Congenital cysts don’t normally cause neurological problems because the brain basically grows around them so isn’t interfered with in any way.

The dye is an MRI with contrast - it can show up new lesions that can’t be seen on non-contrast MRI. Your neuro’s being thorough - he’s definitely a good one!

You could phone the MRI Unit and ask about waiting times - it might give you an idea about when the scan might be at least?

Karen x

Just an update new scan is in two weeks got my letter on Thursday, it doesn’t state that it’s a contrast though which I thought was odd. But hey at least it’s sooner rather than later and I can’t end up at the wrong hospital and miss it completely like I did with the first normal one right ?? Xx

Two weeks is great! Bit concerned about the absence of contrast when your neuro specifically mentioned it. If I were you, I would call the MRI Unit and ask if it will be done. If they say it hasn’t been requested, give the neuro’s secretary a call and tell him/her what’s going on. There’s still time for the neuro to correct the MRI Unit.

Good luck! (Make sure it’s the right place!!)

Karen x