Confusion over Neurologist's letter

Hi folks, I wonder if you could help me please.

I am waiting results from an MRI, in the letter from my Neurologist (who has subsequently left the hospital), she says “I discussed the possiblity of her having an MRI to see if she is having some inflammarory activity. If she does not have inflammation, then I belive that we could suppress Betaferon”.

Now I would have thought that if there was no inflammation, then Betaferon is still working and there would be no need to come off of it.

It could have been a typing error, or maybe I’ve got it wrong.

A new doctor has started at the hospital this week and she will begin to work her way through the MRI results so I should find out a bit more, I suppose I should have queried it when I received the letter but I come from the old brigade who think doctors know what they’re doing,

Thank you for your thoughts.


Hello wendy. It’s possible that there is no evidence to show that continuing with betaferon, when there is no inflammation, will prevent further relapses. I’m just guessing Wendy, you will have to ask the questions…let us know :slight_smile:

Hello Wendy,

I would have the same opinion as you do, but as each doctor seems to have different ideas then it can be a real minefield, can’t it. I would get in touch with my MS nurse if I were you as at least he/she could know more. Best of luck.


Thanks for yor replies Blossom and Moira, I should get a follow up appaointment with new doctor, shame as the original was very nice, she listened, looked you in the eye and had a good bed side manor. I assume her contract had finished and she wasn’t kept on, perhaps she wasn’t as good as we thought she was.

I will let you know what the outcome is, sorry tryping is bad, my eyes are very blurry in rthe mornings and the site was out of action most of yesterday, oh and I still don’t get any notifications.

Wendy x