Hi guys all help appreciated. I’m 30 and newly diagnosed I have severe optic neuritis which is irraversable apparently I have the worst bladder and bowl ever. Since I last seen my consultant I have just felt like a truck has hit me my doctor said it’s a relapse witch I kind of though but dealing with the physical symptoms is easy compared to how I emotionally feel.

ever time I hear the word ms I cry sooo hard I can’t even deal with it I’m angry one minute and sooo hyper and happy the next I don’t even no what to do or what the future holds

Have no fear & just get on with life as normal.

The optic neuritis & being diagnosed is the hard part.

I look at it like this, your body is attacking itself, so give your body a fighting chance to improve in the healing.

It’s like a stuck record, constantly playing a snip until you move on.

Diet & light exercise & sleep when you feel like sleeping. Avoid stress at all levels & steer clear of heat & lardy foods.

Keep hydrated & chill out. First & foremost, there is no cure & everyone reacts very differently to the medications they recommend. I emphasise NO cure! Medications will take you one way.

My recommended way, is the diet, exercise & nutrition way. It’s a safer bet.

Keep your lymph glands clear & look after yourself. Live a healthier life & you’ll be okay.

hi kay

  • the happy/heartbroken thing is called emotional lability - it helped me to have a name for it and maybe will help you didn’t last.
  • the bowel and bladder problems can be sorted by a referral to the bowel and bladder clinic.i went from not discussing either of these problems with ANYONE to chatting away in some detail to the nurses there.
  • rest when you need to, eat enough fresh food, drink plenty water.banish stress from your life.learn mindfulness meditation which is brilliant and can also be used for pain management.
  • try to look for things that make you smile or laugh whenever possible.

you will need time to come to terms with it all but believe us, your life will continue although maybe on a slightly different way.

carole x