Hi i wonder if i could have sone feedback i had my baby 8 months ago and i had a spinal block ever since i have had tingling in my back and 2 fingers occasionallu i have had a mri scan and brain scan and the neurologist said he is 90% sure that i have ms i been doctors today and he read the letter what has been sent and they are double checking my scans as i dont tick all the boxes of having ms i have been so worried since i have been told this

hi charsam i’m sure i replied to you earlier, think i’m in some sort of time slip! well i think you should be pleased that the hospital are double checking your scans, seems very thorough. the last thing you want is a false result. i assume that you are worried about having ms. well don’t worry too much, worry = stress and that just makes it all worse. the fact is that if you have it, then you have it. it sounds like you have just received a diagnosis without anything being put into place for you. you must be getting another appointment soon and then you can ask about an ms nurse and Disease Modifying Drugs. it must be a whirlwind for you with an 8 month old baby. get loads of cuddles with baby as this is the best therapy ever. of course there is a chance that you don’t have ms. wishing you the best carole x

Carole, you did answer Charsam earlier. On the Newly Diagnosed board. And suggested that Charsam should start a new thread on the Everyday Living board. So that’s what s/he has done.

You’re no more bonkers than ‘normal’, don’t worry.


thanks sue and sorry charsam.

blame my poor ravaged brain!