hello. I’m 21 and I’ve started getting this off feeling i my left hand first, where it starts feeling ‘full’ and pressured, then the same feeling in my left foot. I don’t have no moving on my foot or hand but sometimes it feels like it wants to move, if that makes sense? I know it sounds odd but that’s the best how I can explain it.

Also whenever I’m on my phone my thumbs twitch, which I think is probably from pressure? I’ve been doing so much research online trying to find out and MS comes up with other problems, I’m honestly so scared. I have a GP appointment but I’m not sure if they will understand?

Could someone help me?


Trust your doctor. That’s my advice, unless they are proved to be useless. Chances are they’ll understand. Just to be sure, write down all your symptoms, when they began and how long they’ve lasted. Then when you are in the surgery, get your list out, don’t be embarrassed.

Stop looking at google for MS symptoms. See your GP, ask what they think of your symptoms. If s/he thinks there’s a neurological problem, they’ll refer you to a neurologist.



Ditto to everything Sue said, that’s an excellent reply. It’s understandable you feel scared - the unknown usually is, because we can project all kinds of things onto it. It’s like being afraid of the dark - we can imagine all kinds of scary monsters lurking there. But hopefully seeing the doctor will start to turn the light on