Hello everyone

i hope everyone is ok as they can be, you may remember a post from me before Christmas about mine and my husbands break up.

I have seen CAB getting myself on the housing list and changing my ESA to income base so thanks to everyone for the advise :slight_smile:

I do have one question though sorry, I have been to the doctors 5 times in the month through this has all been going on and given steroids which are finished now by my neuro. This is because I have numbness around my skull unstable, numbness around my face, knees, waist, hands and ankles, my neuro doesn’t think this is a relapse but I am not too sure.

I am trying to keep my ex away while I am feeling like this as this will only make me worse but unsure if this is a relapse, any thoughts? Thanx

hi moogle star

although this is not caused by an infection, stress is a no-go with ms.

have you tried mindfulness meditation?

although you may feel that you don’t have time for it, meditation is a great stress buster.

good luck, one day this mess will be cleared up and you will only have your ms to worry about.

carole x