Hi everyone, i got diagonsed 3 weeks ago today, well the other day i got a phone call from my drs saying the hospital have said i need to be put on folic acid. i have no idea y any ideas?

Hi i am un dx but taking folic acid, to do with Aneamia i believe.

sonia x


Your folic acid levels could have been low in a blood test.

I tested low once and since have been taking folic acid tablets which have sorted the problem.

thanks, ive got to take them for 2 months then go back, i was wondering if anyone else is on it

Hi, I take Folic Acid but because I have to have a weekly injection of Methotrexate, don’t really understand it but I take them.



I think it is related to B12 somehow - you can probably find out from Dr Google

B x