Confused male!

Straight in my 20’s - predominately gay in my early 30’s - now straight again. Anyone else in the same situation. (Don’t think this confusion! is in any way m.s. related)

Hi anon

You can post to whichever forum you think is most appropriate - people really don’t mind and generally take people as they find them them around here - but just in case you hadn’t spotted it - we run a GLAMS board where you may find there’s more people who can help with your question.

Generally we ask people to stick to one board with a question/topic but feel free to post there too on this occasion if it helps.

Greg [admin]

mabe your bisexuall? but im just an ordinary married lady who doesnt no much about these things, hope you get some answers julsiexx

I wouldn’t be that bothered personally about finding an answer. You fancy who you fancy, you love who you love. No need to label yourself, obviously. Not heard of any research on sexuality and MS, but i guess there wouldnt be any as there is no money to be made by finding answers.

Sorry i couldn’t be more helpful, just thought i’d stick my oar in.

Kate x

I understand how you feel but the best advice I was given was not to label myself because if I did I could miss finding " the one" so I don’t. I find the hardest thing to deal with is other people’s reactions and confusion but that is there problem not mine