Confused, frustrated and angry

Been told MS for 20 years plus, and now told it is FND, as this happened with anyone else. Symptoms the same, though more stress now and making things worse.

i’d be angry too.

got my head round one diagnosis then having to do it all over again?

hope you quickly come to terms with it.

will it make a big difference to your day to day life?

anyway, thinking of you shar


Hi Carole and thank you.

No… change to day to day life, symptoms worse if anything. I need to get my head around it and live with it.

Hope you are keeping well, take care and look after yourself xx

OH No Shar. This must be terrible for you. I would have the same feelings as you.

How did the misdiagnosis happen?

Sending you ((((Hugs))))

Shazzie xx