Confused by new neuro

I would be very grateful for any advice I’ve seen a new neuro this week I was dx with benign ms in oct I had my first episode of optic nuritious 7 years ago then in August this year it came back I’ve had weekness in legs and been suffering with numb tingling hands for five years I have had a MRI in sept witch showed up 7 lesions this is why I got my dx but now the new neuro has told me I need a lumber puncture and she is going to start me on iv steroids for 3 days I’m so confused when I asked her does she think I may not have ms she replied from your brain scan I’m pretty sure u have my question is if anyone can help is if the lumber puncture shows nothing will I be told I don’t have ms I’m so very confused now

hi mazza

i don’t think a negative lumbar puncture will be seen as saying that you don’t have ms but anyway a more knowledgable person will hopefully reply.

are you having a relapse now? iv steroids is usually used for this.

anyway if you dont get many replies just add onto this one to bump you back up.

carole x

yes i am having a relasp now with feeling unbalanced and pain in leg thanks for the reply carol x