Confused and worried.

Hello there,

Just abit of help, I know none of you are experts except the doctors,

But the constant tingling, Balance and coordination issues and double vision in my right eye be from stress and anxiety?

I had a negative Lumbar puncture and blood tests but lesions found in both hemispheres of my brain and top of my cervical spine.

Im 17 and really worriedd.

Sorry can’t answer any of your questions, but just wanted to reply to put you back to the top so hopefully someone can.

take care

The lumbar puncture doesn’t always come back positive even if you have MS, bit of a dodgy test.

MS symptoms do tend to buzz along in the background, even when in remission, and do get worse and flare up when you’re stressed or anxious.


Like Wilf says, being stressed & anxioius can often make symptoms flare up. I know when I’m stressed I don’t do as well. But keeping calm is easier said that done when weird, unpleasant & scary things suddenly start happening! Things like meditation will help (I find mindfulness meditation really helpful), and simply talking to others about how you’re feeling.

Give your GP/neurologist/MS nurse a call too, and tell them about what you’re feeling, and see what things may be able to help with the different symptoms (your GP can refer you for Cognitive Behavoural Therapy too, which is known to help with stress/anxiety).

And, of course, ask us all as many questions as you need to, and hopefully you’ll find the answers you need.



I can understand why you are confused and worried. I remember feeling really stressed out before I got a definite diagnosis back in 2005.

I would contact your GP/the neuro that did the tests and as what is going to happen next to find out a definite diagnosis. I felt better once I knew exactly what was causing my symptoms.

Have to say though that stress and anxiety causes MS symptoms to elevate.

Hope you get answers soon and a definite diagnosis whether it be MS or not.

We are here for you to chat with whenever you need a chat.

Shazzie xx

Im worried because if its defenite MS then ill lose my job. Im only 17 and just started a career in the british army and if its ms its not compatable with military life ill get medically discharged and have no job or money.

Are you sure about losing your job? MS does not have to be life changing, I have had MS for over 20 years and it is only recently it has prevented me doing anything. I appreciate the Army is different to civvy jobs, have you discussed this with other Army personell?

Have you looked at the Forces Forum? Someone there might be better able to advise.

best wishes


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