confused again


I have received a date for my MRI which is on the 12th June and an appointment with the consultant on the 18th. This morning I received a date for an ultrasound on the 20th. Does any one know what the ultrasound is for and why didn’t the consultant mention this he only told me about the MRI. Also should I postpone the appointment on the 18th until I have had both?

Sorry to be asking all these questions but I always feel reassured by you all.


Helen xxx

Hi Helen,

I would ring and query. Does it say ultrasound of what/where? Ultrasound isn’t a usual diagnostic tool in MS investigations, but I don’t know the full background, so don’t know what else they might be looking for.

I’ve had both a pelvic ultrasound and one of my feet, before. The first was because of abnormal bleeding between periods (turned out to be cervical erosion, which is benign), and the feet was because of pain in them, which I’m now 99% certain was the beginnings of MS, but at the time, they were looking for evidence of arthritic changes.

Don’t suppose either of these helps? But each time, the appointment did specify which bit of me was going to be scanned. It didn’t just say “an ultrasound”.

Personally, although I’m not sure the results of even the MRI will be back and ready for discussion by the 18th (the actual pictures are available almost immediately, but they may not have them reviewed and written up just four working days later), I wouldn’t ring and postpone the appointment, because you don’t know how long you might have to wait for another. I’d take the appointment while you can, regardless that the consultant might not have much (anything?) to go on.

At least you will be able to talk things over. You don’t want to be waiting possibly another 12 weeks, and wishing you’d spoken to him while you had the chance. I’m sure you will be called to a follow-up anyway, if anything abnormal is found.


Hi Tina,

Very sound advice as usual. Thanks. The ultrasound is for the abdomen but I didn’t mention any abdominal symptoms it was all about my inability to walk, weakness and visual disturbances. He checked my reflexes found them to be hyper so you are right I need to ring and inquire. Don’t know why but always feel ‘impolite’ questioning the medical fraternity [what a muppet I am]


Helen x

It’s just possible the appointment is completely spurious, and you’ve been mixed up with another patient! So definitely worth the time and cost of a phone call.

I seem to remember someone here got summoned to an appointment about Lucentis - absolutely nothing to do with MS, but used to treat age-related macular degeneration, which they were young, and definitely didn’t have. Luckily, they checked, and found it was complete hogwash - the secretary doing the letters must have copied out the wrong name and address from the database.

If you haven’t been complaining of abdominal problems, it does seem rather an odd move - especially if you weren’t told you would be referred for this. Unless he had some kind of afterthought, about something else he’d like to check for?

Either way, it does need confirming. I don’t think it would come across as questioning their competence, just to say you’ve been referred for a test you hadn’t been expecting - could somebody clarify what it’s about, please? If it’s a mistake, it should become apparent pretty quickly.