Confused about symptoms

WARNING Extremely long first post. My apologies in advance, and my thanks to anyone who is bored enough to read the entire post.

Hi. I am new to the forum. I have not been diagnosed yet, but my doctor has suggested it is one of the possible diseases I could have, if I have anything at all. I was hoping to get some insight on this possibility and not rely on my imagination and Google to search for answers. Anyways, a little bit about me:

Age : 33

Race : White (mainly English and Irish)

Sex : Male

Height/Weight : 6’ (182CM) and 225 Lbs. (102KG) I did weigh 200 Lbs (was at the gym regularly) until 3 months ago when I started to rapidly decline, and just couldn’t seem to get the energy to continue.

AS of now I have been diagnosed with the following in the last 3 months:

Bi-Lateral Carpal Tunnel (Severe in right, mild/severe in left)

Asthma (64% FEVI)

Piriformis Syndrome (Right Side)

Bone Spurring and Slight Disc Degeneration in Spine

Peroneal Nerve Damage (Foot Drop) in left leg.

I have yet to actually see a neurologist other than than my 2 EMG/Nerve Studies. I have 2 months before I can get seen by the Neurologist my Doctor wants me to see.

My long symptom list is as follows:

Symptoms Starting 2 years ago

  • Ringing in ear, with head pain; sometimes accompanied with dizziness *

  • Excessive Snoring; used to never snore, now will start before i even fully sleep *

  • Hearing loss *

  • Extreme Thirst *

Symptoms Starting 1 years ago

  • Dizziness and then a drained feeling after; sometimes accompanied with lights

  • Vision Issues (blurriness, depth perception) *

  • Muscle Spasms and Cramps (Spasms primarily in arms, cramps primarily in legs/feet)

  • Heartburn & Acid Reflux (Primarily at night, happens in spells; have it for 2 weeks, then nothing for months)

  • Facial Flushness (more so around nose and eye are; sometimes burns like rawness) *

  • Occasional pain during ejaculation

  • Needing to urinate more often (sometimes pain/discomfort) *

  • Feeling of full bladder, but only small amounts of urine come out *

  • Nail Brittleness and flattening

Symptoms starting 6 months ago

  • Memory Issues (forgot how I got somewhere, what I came in room for, certain words, to swallow own spit, etc.) *

  • Pain in back and hips (pretty much constant) *

  • Overall feeling of tightness; like my body needs to be stretched *

  • Difficulty Breathing (randomly happens; also under any exertion : stairs, walk/talk at same time) *

  • Upset Stomach (Primarily in morning, usually diarrhea, bloody stool-excessive wiping?)*

  • Feeling of restlessness (almost twitchy?) *

  • Bouts of extreme itchiness (primarily legs and back) *

  • Sometimes can not tell when I am done urinating *

  • Body tingles (almost like small little shocks or like something crawling on me) *

  • Fingers smelling like feces even after just washing them

Symptoms starting 3 months ago

  • Loss of coordination; more clumsy lately

  • Sense of fogginess, especially in morning, and some in evening

  • Fatigue (comes and goes; good days, bad days)

  • Joint Pain (prominently in hands, feet, and hips…but occurs in all joints at random)

  • Pain in hands and feet (more so in morning)

  • Numbness in hands (sometimes feet)

  • Tendon Pain; like when I move quickly from stationary position (Heels and Shoulders mainly)

  • Muscle weakness; in arms and legs primarily

  • Unusual Smells (finger nail polish, smokey incense, used cat litter)

  • Excessive Sweating with a smell of ammonia sometimes; noticed by others, not me

  • Hard time adjusting to light (mainly from inside to outside)

  • Bleeding easily and more than usual from banging into stuff

  • Inability to pop my fingers, but every other joint pops at random

  • Intolerance to Heat; exhaustion, sweating, difficulty breathing

  • Decreased and Increased sensitivity in feeling; can’t feel some things, others hurt bad

  • Headaches; not so much frontal but in temples and in back of head

  • Disorientation with heights; nausea and depth perception

  • Denotes symptoms that have gotten worse since first noticing

Many symptoms seem to be stages. Will have them in episodes, then go away, then come back with some degree of worsening.

Is it really possible to have this many symptoms? Anybody else have such an extensive list? Does this sound more or less like MS?

Thanks again to anyone who can offer advice.

Blimey Batman, you really do have a hell of a lot of symptoms.

I can’t remember ever seeing anyone list quite so many.

The problem with MS is that there are very many symptoms associated with it. And a huge number of these are shared with other diagnoses. And while many of your symptoms sound like they could have a neurological cause, or could be ascribed to MS, others seem less connected.

So, it’s impossible for anyone here to answer you with anything particularly useful, except to say that if there was a contest for the most number of symptoms, I think you might win. (Sorry, I’m really not making fun of you, I think you are genuinely living in quite a scary place at the moment.)

Are you in the UK? Your post seems as though maybe you’re not, in which case information we might give you would be useless.

Assuming you are, why does your GP want you to see a particular neurologist? Have they explained? Does your GP or primary care doctor think it might be MS causing your symptoms? Or haven’t they said?

Is the neurologist you are waiting to see an NHS doctor? If so, can you speed it up by getting a private referral to the same neuro? Or to a different neuro? Assuming you can afford at least an initial private consultation, you could then be referred back to the NHS for tests assuming the neurologist considers they are warranted.

If you’re not in the UK, is there another neurologist who you could see quicker?

If you are feeling as unwell as your post implies, perhaps you might be better just going to A&E / ER?

Sorry if this doesn’t seem very helpful.


Thanks for the reply Ssssue. My biggest problem is I am a complete hypochondriac, but in the same sense, I never go to the doctor. I don’t typically complain, but I “note” it in my head. Barring me severing my tendon in my thumb, and cutting off part of my finger, the only time I have been to the doctor in the last 15 years if for an annual physical, for insurance purposes. So that puts me in an awkward position for diagnosis, because some symptoms could be related to something else altogether.

My doctor is completely unsure what is going on, so she has had me referred to everything. Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Sleep Studies, Physical Therapy, etc. The problem here in the states, at least where I am at, is new patients go the back of the line, so the Neuro my GP wants me to see is booked for new patients until October. But I think I am going to call on Monday and try to get something sooner with a different one. My doctor placed me out of work 5 weeks ago, which I am not used to at all, so that helps me physically, but hurts me mentally.

For the first ever, I woke up this morning with the most excruciating Femoral Nerve pain. It felt like when someone hits your funny bone in your arm, except it was in my leg, but it hurt really bad. My leg did want to move at all. I did have spasms in my upper leg last night, so maybe that was some sort of a warning, lol. Overall I feel drained and sore, but nothing that would make me have to go to the ER. And the majority of my symptoms come and go, so some days are actually pretty decent, while others are horrendous. Some of my symptoms, I had for weeks, then they went away, and they haven’t come back, so I don’t know if they even count as symptoms of anything.

In the following post, I will list every test and procedure I have had done. Maybe it will help some?

Physical Tests

  • EMG Legs - Drop Foot Diagnosis

  • EMG Arms - BiLateral Carpal Tunnel

  • XR SI Joints - Good

  • XR Spine Lumbar - Minimal levocurvature of the lumbar spine centered at L2. Hypoplastic 12th rib. Mild Multilevel disc space narrowing. Spurring through Lumbar spine.

  • XR Left Hand - Mild DJD left ring distal interphalangeal joint. *Previous Injury Possibility

  • XR Right Hand - Good

  • Echocardiogram - Good

  • ECG 12 - Lead - Incomplete right bundle branch block. Abnormal ECG

  • Sleep Study - Mild Sleep Apnea

Blood/Urine Tests

  • Creatine Kinase - Slightly Elevated at 268 U/L

  • ANA Titer - 1:160 Homogeneous and 1:160 Speckled

  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel - Good

  • Urinalysis - Good; Just cloudy

  • Hemoglobin A1C - Good

  • Phosphorous - Good

  • Vitamin D 25 - Good

  • Magnesium - Good

  • Folate - Good

  • B12 - Good

  • Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin - Good

  • Thyroglobulin Antibody - Good

  • Thyroid Profile (TSH and T4 Free) - Good

  • Anti Microsomal Antibody - Good

  • Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase - Good

  • Antibodies - SM,RNP,RO,LA - Good

  • Cyclic Citrullinat Peptide ABS - Good

  • C-Reactive Protein, Inflammatory - Good

  • Rheumatoid Factor - Good

  • Mitochondrial Antibody, IgG Titer - Good

  • Gamma Glutamyl Transpeptidase - Good

Still waiting on the following : HLA Single ABC Antigen test

Bold Highlights tests that came back with a positive result