Confused about consultation

Hi I have not been diagnosed but have a lot of the symptoms and was just wandering if any body else had a similar experience with there first consultation I had a consultation over the weekend with an associate specialist which has left me confused. He a physical exam walking reflexes etc and then asked me to tell him about my symtoms which i did. So i told him about how i had pins and needles, lost my balance several times, numbness,confused, lower legs and fore arms felt tight and how over the last 4 months things have improved so i just have tingling in the lower legs and the lower legs are for arms feel tight in the morning or if i didn’t move them for a period of time. After explaining the dr said I was suffering from Anxiety syndrome which completely throw and my wife. She even said if she was not there when to dr said it she would have not believed me. Has any body else had similar experience.

i would go back to the GP and explain what has been said.

this is to log what has been said by the consultant.

tell the GP that you don’t believe that you are suffering from anxiety.

see what s/he has to say about it.

you could ask if there was a chance of being re-referred to a different neuro.

don’t let it get you stressed because symptoms get far worse with stress.

good luck

How bizarre. I second what Carole has said. Ask your GP for their advice as to what to do next. If you’ve had clear physical symptoms and have described what has happened clearly, I wouldn’t expect a neurologist to write it off as anxiety. Your physical exam (reflexes etc), may have appeared quite ‘normal’, but that doesn’t mean you’ve not had genuine physical symptoms.


I totally agree with Carole and Sue. Ask your GP for a referral to another neurologist for a second opinion. I personally can’t see that the consultant you saw could categorically state it is anxiety without ruling out other possible causes via blood tests and an MRI, etc. Whilst I appreciate that anxiety isn’t a tangible illness, I do feel that your consultant was a bit hasty with his diagnosis.

Wishing you lots of luck.

Thank you all for the responses I have spoken to the dr and he was not conviced its anxiety but wants to wait for the report before we do anything else. Thank you.