Confused 2nd relapse but no meds

So I saw a consultant at one hospital who said he saw something on my scans which would relate to ms but need more tests. So sent to queen sq for LP and vrp or is it vep the one that tests ur eyes. Went back for results second consultant said 1st hospital sent the wrong MRI scans to him, but my LP showed o bands in fluid. Eye test came back clears 2nd consultant like the 1st consultant couldn’t give 100% DX but both said with my history sounds like ms. 2nd consultant said he would treat my last relapse as my 2nd one as I had numbness in foot last year and just put it down to body didn’t likew running didn’t think it could b anything else. 2nd consultant said I have recovered well from recent relapse I’m yound (35) keep my self well and fit and I should be ok. See u in 3 months won’t give u any meds but if u have a 3rd relapse I will urge u to go for meds. He also said u will b in touch with M’s nurse and in the mean time if u want meds u can ask the ms nurse and we can pursue it. I thought after 2nd relapse u automatically get meds, should I b having meds I feel fine. I’m seeing my 1st consultant on Monday hopefully this time he has the results for everything and I can ask him about meds. I’m scared as I am new to this that if I have 3rd relapse does that mean more damaged to brain I did ask 2nd doc but by the time I come out I forget half the stuff haha I should really record it all and play back till its all in my head.

The rules for DMDs contain the very vague term “clinically significant”. This basically means that someone has to have two relapses in two years that have been, in the neuro’s opinion, disabling/debilitating/serious. Very subjective :frowning: It is worth asking about for sure. One of the best things about DMDs is that they can delay the onset of disability if started early (within the first couple of years) - you say you’re well; well, if I were you, I’d want to keep it that way as long as possible! There are no guarantees of course and it all comes down to the neuro and the PCT’s rules, but no harm in asking. As far as do relapses = more brain damage, I’m afraid that yes, they do. Sometimes the damage will be completely new; sometimes it will be extra damage to an existing lesion (so it gets bigger). That’s one of the reasons that they use number of lesions and total size of lesions as measures of how well a DMD is working. Hth. Karen x

Thanku Karen I will b asking consultant about meds an I’d I can get on them I have a 5 yr old and I am a single mother so want to b as healthy for as long as possible

Hi Cenglish Agree with Karen I.e clinically significant. However I do believe rules can be bent I.e I am on rebif after 2 very mild relapses - slightly numb left arm for a week and a sore eye for several days - this one my neuro is now doubting that this is a relapse. Anyway I believe I played the firm sympathy card to be prescribed In some countries not sure which I believe they are prescribed as soon as diagnosed. Hope you are successful Min xx