Compression Vests

If anybody else out there has worried about finding a reliable way to prevent incontinence pants peeking above trousers/skirt when bending, I have found compression vests to be perfect for the job, having tested them out for a couple of weeks now. These are sold in sports retailers and cost about £12 - £28. I think they are basically about flaunting a well chiselled body, although some seem also to be marketed for compressing man boobs. Anyway, they fit tightly like lycra but with ventilation panels under arms and they have a very thick elastic rimmed hem which holds the vest firmly down below the bum even when bending, so people just see what they take for a vest. I did experiment with something called an ‘all in one sleeveless vest without legs’ by Beaucare but this looks like a babies bodysuit with poppers (which is embarrassing to hang out to dry); it admittedly does the job but has the added risk from forgetting to do up the poppers and then having the crotch fastenings hanging out of your shirt, possibly even more embarrassing!

Sounds a bit like torture to me…but if it`s worked for you, then great…hope others find the info useful.


Thanks, finally getting to see the urologist about arranging botox on Wedneday, so hopefully wont need them anymore.

That’s good news for you. Hope it works for you.