Coming out !!


I was diagnosed 14 years ago with relapsing remitting MS and one of my biggest challenges I still face is admitting I have MS. I am now 42 and do not like to admit that I have it and to be honest I feel ashamed that I do. Anyhow I have decided to try the Ben Nevis walk with my wife to raise money for MS and I know it will be a big challenge. In order to get sponsored I will need to let people know the real reason I am raising money for this particular charity. So it will be a big social media announcement, after all I need to get people behind me. I have avoided this in the past as my mum and dad both have MS (mum passed away due to complications from it) so I almost feel for my well being I need to do this.

So if anyone you know is there doing this night walk, see you in August for my coming out party !! I plan to champion raising money great charity.

On another note has anyone been diagnosed with low testosterone levels and has treatment helped, I have decided to get my levels tested as I am experiencing some of the symptoms.

when my mate came out as gay no one was remotely interested. Don’t want to be cynical but I guess you may have the same response when you come out of the ‘m.s. closet.’ All the best with the Ben Nevis walk - why not Snowdon - far more scenic!


Now that’s coming out in style.

Well done!


What a brilliant way to ‘come out’.

I support anything which publicises the fact that some folk with MS can do such things. There is much misunderstanding of the condition, as you probably already know.

Good luck


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