Coming Off Tizanidine

So I’ve been on Tizanidine for about 3 months now, having a blood test every month to check liver function, but my last 2 checks have shown a dramatic increase in liver function something or other, so my GP has said that she is not happy for me to continue on them and wanted me to ween myself off over the last few days, which I have been.

At first I felt nothing in particular was happening but today I’m finding that I’m stiffer than ever, which came as a bit of a shock because I didnt really think the tablets were doing me much good !

Ive contacted the spasticity consultant who put me on them for advice but as yet no return call.

I do have an appointment with her in June but going on todays rate I think I’ll need to see her much sooner.

The spasticity consultants secretary said that she had spoken to the consultant and she wanted to see the blood test results herself and then decide how much of a rise had taken place before making a decision on whether I should come off them or not, but if my GP, who is the one who writes out the prescription is not happy to prescribe them where do I go from there.

Its like being piggy in the middle !

Initially I was hoping to try Sativex so perhaps that might now be on the cards ?

Been off the Tizanidine for 2 days now and really feeling a lot stiffer and leg aching more. I didnt appreciate how much these were helping !