Coloured font??


Nothing important. Just curious.

I use blue font to try and cheer the place up a bit (I miss the colour on the old site), but notice that most people stick with the standard, black font.

So........ I wondered why more people don't change the colour of their posts?

Karen x




i dont know why i dont use different colours


i have no defence xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

but i do try and use smileys ???happyhappy2toungescaredblushsleeping

I don’t know how to use either - can anyone enlighten me?

Teresa xx

hi teresa

you click on the letter "A" close to the smiley happy2at the top of reply box

mandy xxx

Hi, thanks for your help. I am using an iPad and do not seem to have that facility. There are no smilies at the top of the reply box or any letters. I don’t feel quite so stupid now!

Teresa xx

Mandy’s answered already, but just in case you missed it: click on the A on the menu with the B and “Styles” and smilies at the top of the “Comment” box.

No pressure though! I just wondered why people don’t use it :slight_smile:


Surely not!!!



No excuses now


Sounds like the ipad is like the iphone version. I wonder why it doesn’t have the full functions. Never mind - the content’s more important than the colour!


im not apathetic honest angel

well maybe just a littleblush


Apathetiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic 2  sleeping

Oh..... I really meant to use a different colour on the reply I've just done but I was so busy concentrating on what I was writing that I forgot the colour change.

Won't use this one again - it's making my eyes jump about! 

Well, this thread certainly doesn't look "clinical"! LOL! happy2



Love it happy2

I'll post this and try and see what comes up in the code box - let you know....


Good grief! The code is complicated! Will try and get a screen shot...

Damn! Missed it!

Trying again.....

After typing, you need to highlight the text that you wish to change the colour of and then choose the colour

& for all the pedants out their… kidding… there, yes my grammar is awful

Retired pedant

Does the word rEcOGnitIoN box at the end make for a fluid and friendly forum…NOT

Not sure this is going to help much, but here goes...

You are going to have to change all the round brackets "( )" to pointy brackets "< >" to make it work, if you're brave enough to try! happy2

(span style=*color:#0000cd;") to start blue

(/span) at the end of the blue


Hope this works!

Sorry againconfused


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