Colonoscopy and higher doses of baclofen.

Has anyone who takes 80mgs of baclofen had a colonoscopy ?  I asked the specialist nurse  and she said the sedative wouldn't affect me in that way. I've since found out that they use diazepam or similar for sedation. I can add diazepam to my baclofen if spasticity is troublesome so it will.. Too much medication can leave me incredibly weak and then I have trouble breathing.

Ovbiously the diazepam or other sedative is going to be a bigger dose. I'm suppose to be having this done on tuesday.

Jacqui x

l had this test done last year - l was sedated - injection in back of hand. So l did not know what went on - which suited me.

lt was not nearly as bad as l thought it would be.


Thank you Campion and Rebecca for your replies. I've wondered about trying it without sedation.

Oh the joy of the prep :)